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New Features

As a SmartSeat org, I would like to have the ability to render the SmartSeat seat map on other pages

How this is helpful: This opens up a lot of possibilities for organizations to display seat map or seating information on other parts of their site. A few examples include

  • Displaying patron seats on the cart page, confirmation page, confirmation email or upcoming performances page
  • Display available seating on the PDP or calendar

How to enable: The actual map/seating display will require a separate estimate from your project team based on requirements. This release only created an API that will return seating maps, additional development is required to use this API.

As an admin, I would like for the seat conflict message on the seat map to reload the seat map instead of going to the filter page

How this is helpful: This is an usability benefit so patrons don't need to go back to a previous step/page when there was an error on the seat map page.

As an admin, if I don't have view of seat images for a seat map, I would not like SmartSeat to try to load pictures that don't exist

How this is helpful: Another small usability benefit so patrons don't get presented choices to performances in the past

Allow SmartSeat to sell performances in the past

How this is helpful: This changes SmartSeat to look at the performance's web publish dates to determine if a performance is off sale instead of the performance date. This allows SmartSeat to better handle selling digital performances with patrons from different time zones

For screen readers, add the title tag to SVG for the right icon on the filters page

How this is helpful: This allows screen readers to read out the title tag of the SVG when a patrons navigates to the link

How to enable: This requires a change to the SVG uploaded to Venue Builder if the current SVG does not contain a title tag. This is something that organizations can do without Adage's help. If you inspect the SVG and copy the SVG element into a text editor, you can then add a <title> tag into the <svg> tag and add whatever the icon is representing. Please contact Ian if you require more instructions on how to do this.

Remove Server side filter mismatch

How is this helpful: This speeds up the seat map load slightly. This also will fix edge cases where seats are shown as not matching criteria on seat map load.

As a TNEW admin, I would like SmartSeat to be able to attach a CSI to the order for wheelchair seats

How is this helpful: This allows TNEW clients to start receiving CSIs when special seating (wheelchair seats) are reserved through SmartSeat

How to enable: This requires setup in TNEW. There is an Adage internal post with instructions found here:

Please reach out to your project team or Ian to set up a new TNEW custom form which will allow SmartSeat to send a CSI using custom forms as a vehicle.

BED: SmartSeat needs to properly display special characters for Smith Center

How is this helpful: This allows organizations to use special characters in Tessitura and display it correctly.

As an admin, I want the conditions dropdown to be ordered alphabetically

How is this helpful: Small usability change for Venue Builder admins


Contact your project team or the SmartSeat team

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