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New Features

Show Level Filter Open on Seat Map on Load

How this is helpful: Some organizations want the ability to have the level filter open on load:

  • This make it so patrons can see the venue as a whole and easier to change levels

How to enable: Go to the Global Settings page in Venue Builder and update 


Enable Promo Codes on Seat Map

How this is helpful: Patrons now can apply a promo code on the seat map page. If patrons have items in their cart, SmartSeat will warn patrons that applying the promo code may remove currently selected seats. If SmartSeat can choose a new price type after promo application, SmartSeat will automatically update the price type to use the new one.

How to enable: Enabled by default. Turning on/off promo code in Facility Configurations will control promo code display on the Seat Map page as well. There are new properties to control what is display to patrons:

Move All Filters to Seat Map Page

How this is helpful: We have moved the Date Time (change performance) filter and Special Seating filter to the Seat Map. This allows organizations to use only SYOS if they so choose without losing any filtering capabilities. The Filters page still should be treated as a Best Available option and is still helpful in most circumstances.


  • Additional performance text/message can be customized underneath the time display. This text can be used for special performance indication, or availability (performance implication). Please consult with your project or SmartSeat team to discuss estimates.

  • Special Seating filter has the ability to be combined with the price type (ticket type) filter or to be rendered as a separate filter

How to enable: To combine both price type and special seating, check the Combine Price Type and Special Seating Filters property on the Global Settings page


Contact your project team or the SmartSeat team

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