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New Features

SmartSeat Time Zone Addition

How this is helpful: For organizations that have international patrons purchasing tickets using SmartSeat, SmartSeat wasn't taking into account the large time zone difference. So with this addition, SmartSeat will correctly update the time for international users 

How to enable: Ask your project team to update the web.config to make sure PERFORMANCE_TIME_ZONE is set correctly to the time zone where your organization/performances are.

Hide Change Date Button when there are no other performances in the production

How this is helpful: This is a small usability benefit so patrons don't click on Change Date and get presented no choices to change into.

Hide Past Performances in Change Date Modal

How this is helpful: Another small usability benefit so patrons don't get presented choices to performances in the past

Show Price Difference in Filters during Exchanges

How this is helpful: This change updates the price range and level filters on the Seat Map to show the price difference instead of the price of the ticket

Added HTML rendering to more Venue Builder content fields

How this is helpful: We have updated the following fields to allow for HTML rendering:

  • Price Type Maximum Error
  • Price Type Minimum Seats Error
  • Cart Conflict Error Message Text
  • Seat Map Minimum Seats Required Message
  • Seat Map Maximum Seats Reached Message
  • Levels Section Message
  • Performance Not On Sale Modal Message
  • No Purchasable Tickets Modal Message
  • No Seats Match Filters Modal Message

Remember* You can enable HTML rendering by surrounding your content with a div tag

<div> ... CONTENT..... </div>

Ability to use Production Seasons as a Facility Configuration Filter

How is this helpful: For a number of clients, they would like to set a specific facility configuration to a production season instead of the whole production. Updating Venue Builder will allow you to do so

How to enable: Ask your project team to update the web.config to set VB_USE_PROD_SEASON to true. If you already have facility configurations that are set up to look at specific productions, please edit and update the configuration to find the right production season.


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