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New Features

Monitor Page to Show Up or Down Statuses

How this is helpful: This allows organizations to view a monitor page to easily identify connectivity between SmartSeat and the Tessitura application.

How to enable: Talk to your Adage Project Owner or Adage Account Manager and we will set up a mini discovery session to figure out what is needed to configure and enable this feature.

Switch From Universal Analytics to GA4

How this is helpful: This allows SmartSeat to utilize the most up-to-date Google Analytics functionality and reporting capabilities.

How to enable: First step: Create a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Property. Second step: Once property is created, navigate to the Admin section and Select "Data Streams" setting. Third step: Within the Data Streams section, click on the Data Stream - this will display a Measurement ID. The Measurement ID is your GA4 ID. This value simply needs to be entered in the Google Analytics ID field in the Global Settings>General Settings area of Venue Builder.

Google Support Page:

Add GTM Tag to Venue Builder

How this is helpful: This allows SmartSeat clients the ability to have additional tracking across their SmartSeat pages.

How to enable: In Venue Builder: Navigate to Global Settings and add your organization’s Google Tag Manager ID to the Google Tag Manager ID field.

Adding Instructional Text Within Venue Builder

How this is helpful: This allows clients to add in purchasing instructions or other appropriate text to improve the patron buying experience.

How to enable:

  • Go to Venue Builder, go to the Culture settings and edit the appropriate configuration from the list
  • Look for the property “Additional Requests Message” and make some update to it

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Item Key Summary



  • Display whether Tessitura is up or down
  • Display whether database connection up or down
Feature SMARTSEAT - 437
  • Events can be reported via GA4
  • Events can still be reported via UA
Feature SMARTSEAT - 501
  • GTM tag field in Venue Builder
  • GTM tag is rendered onto SmartSeat
Feature SMARTSEAT - 418
  • Allows addition of instructional text for patrons

Bug Fix SMARTSEAT - 494  
Bug Fix SMARTSEAT - 523  

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