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New Features

Control SmartSeat Heading Font & Font Sizes in Venue Builder

  • Heading font settings have been separated from body font settings – you can assign different fonts, weights, and relative sizing for each. If you leave the new fields blank, headings will continue to use the same settings as the body font.
  • New font size settings are available! These settings apply a multiplier to all body or heading font sizes, respectively.
    • Body fonts can be Default (small), Medium (1.125x), Large (1.25x), or Extra Large (1.33x)
    • Heading fonts can be Default (small), Medium-Small (1.25x), Medium (1.375x), Medium-Large (1.5x), Large (1.75x), or Extra Large (2x)


Other Venue Builder Changes

  • Items in the sidebar navigation have been revised into an intuitive order and numbered to aid with setup
  • Headers on the Condition editing form are improved and cleaned up
  • Language around "associating" seatmap seats is consistent
  • Language around selecting Tessitura facilities is consistent
  • Bug Fixes
    • "Assign Configuration" by "Package" listing no longer jumps the user down the page when clicking checkboxes


SmartSeat UI Changes

  • Users can access View from Seat for selected seats, regardless of the level they are viewing in the seatmap
  • Promo code "apply" now shows a loading indicator/spinner
  • Using "Change Date" on a production with multiple unique performance names can now show their names along with the dates (enable this with a new Venue Builder setting in Global Settings → Filters Page Settings → Show Performance Title(s) in "Change Date" Modal)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Browser-specific override styles have been removed, since modern browsers have made them obsolete, and sometimes intrusive
    • "Choose My Seats" button now properly prevents clicks when it's disabled

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